Refuel POSA Program

Web Terminal Solution

If you already have a PC with the Internet connection, there's no need to use any other equipment.  Turn your PC into an instant profit center and the most secure way to process transaction is using our Web Terminal solution.  Easy-to-use interface and detailed reporting helps you focus on increasing sales.  Our Web Terminal solution is compatible with most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Mac Safari!

Verifone Terminal Solution

Our Verifone POSA terminal takes very small space and have user intuitive interface with built-in clerk code security feature to prevent fraud and deter employee theft. If you have existing Internet connection at your store, we can provide you a Ethernet Terminal solution which processes transactions much faster than conventional phone line connection and every transaction will be processed much more securely.  Do you only have available phone line?  We have a Dial-up Terminal solution which will provide you with all features necessary to process transactions and increase revenue!


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